The Constitution of the “Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia” registered under Societies Registration Act 1860.

The objects of “The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia” (FCC), a non-profit organization, are to afford facilities and information to representatives of the foreign media in India to maintain close and cordial contact with official and other sources in South Asia, and to work for the advancement of common aims in cooperation with journalistic organizations of South Asia

Foreign Correspondent Membership shall be open to correspondents, TV and radio broadcasters, internet journalists, and photographers of foreign publications, news or picture agencies, and broadcasting companies, as defined in the Rules and Regulations, who are assigned in South Asia, or such special correspondents as can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Managing Committee that more than half of their income is earned as representatives of such foreign media.

Other categories of membership are available in categories listed in the Rules and Regulations for Journalist Associate, General Associate, Corporate Associate, Spouse, Life Members, and Temporary Members. The categories may be amended in line with the Rules and Regulations.

The Committee shall decide upon the eligibility of applicants for membership. In case of disputes, admission shall be by approval of four-fifths of the membership.

Members who cease to fulfill these requirements, or in the view of the President and Committee cease to fulfill them, will be expected to resign from membership within three months after they cease to fulfill them, unless honorary life membership is granted. Honorary life membership will be proposed by the President or any member, and approved by vote of three-quarters of the membership. Honorary life members will have no vote in the Association, and will pay no subscription.

Membership fees shall be as laid down in the Rules and Regulations. The first annual subscription should accompany an application for membership. Membership will not be confirmed until the first subscription is received. Members falling more than six months in arrears will be suspended.

Applicants possessing the necessary qualifications for Foreign Correspondent membership, who are temporarily assigned in India, may be admitted to the Association as a temporary foreign Correspondent Member for a period of three months, which can be renewed for a second period of three months, on payment of fees pro rate to the annual FC membership fee, but without having to pay an admission fee. Such temporary members do not have a right to vote in Association matters, nor to be elected to official positions in the Association. Those Temporary Foreign Correspondent Members who remain in India more than six months and meet eligibility requirements, can be admitted as full FC members of the Association, subject to the payment of full membership and admission fees.

The office bearers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Treasurer and seven Committee members. Only FC Members qualify for these positions. The President and Committee Members shall be nominated and elected by majority vote at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Vice-President and Treasurer shall be elected subsequently by the Committee.

The term of the President shall be for two years, and the person holding that office may not be elected again till a period of four years has elapsed.

The term of Members of the Committee shall be for two years, and they may be re-elected-or elected later – for a further period of two years. A Committee Member who has served a total of four years (whether consecutive or not) may not be elected until four further years have elapsed, unless that person is elected President.

The President shall call a general meeting every twelve months for the purpose of transacting any necessary business including, when required by these rules, electing a new President and Committee Members.

The President shall authorize the vice-president, or in his absence a member of the committee, to be acting president in the president’s absence from Delhi. In such times the authorized person and committee will have the right to call general meetings.

The Committee shall attempt to meet at least every two months, and it shall take decisions by E-mail where appropriate at other times. At the request of a minimum of two Committee Members, a decision put out for vote by e-mail shall be stalled and referred to a full Committee Meeting.

A quorum for a Committee Meeting shall consist of one-third of the Committee Membership, and all decisions except as otherwise provided shall be by simple majority vote of those present.

A quorum for an E-mail Decision by the Committee shall consist of one-third of the full Committee Membership. All E-mail Decisions, except as otherwise provided, shall be by simple majority vote of those voting during a period of not less than 48 hours after an e-mail notice of the required decision has been sent to all committee Members.

Amended and Approved at an Extraordinary General Meeting held at the Club’s premises on November 30, 2006.