FCC- ELECTION 2021- 23

Dear Members,

Mid Night, 20th March 2021 was the last date for withdrawing nominations for FCC elections 2021-23.

At the end of it, I have two nominations for the post of FCC President and Seven nominations for the posts of the Managing committee

Presidential Nominees:

1. Dr Waiel Awwad (Membership No. 15)
2. Mr Munish Gupta (M. No. 1484)
Note: Mr Pankaj Yadav (M. No. 100) withdrew his nomination

Managing Committee Nominations:
Nominations for the posts of Seven Managing Committee members

1. Ms. Emily Schmall (M. No. 2274)
2. Mr. Sebastien Farcis (M. No. 2406)
3. Ms. Ruth Pollard (M. No. 2075)
4. Mr. Pankaj Yadav (M. No. 100)
5. Mr. Raghvendra Verma (M. No. 315)
6. Mr. Tawqeer Hussain (M. No. 1905)
7. Ms. Elizabeth Divya Puranam (M. No. 2601)

Note: Mr Deepak Dwivedi (M No. 707) withdrew his nomination.

Now, there are only 7 nominations for the 7 Managing Committee members’ posts.
So, all the candidates have been Elected Unopposed. There is No Election for the Managing Committee positions.

Since the number of candidates in the contest has changed, The Advurb Solutions (The External Agency that is conducting the online voting) has requested some time for reprogramming the voting web site to make it more User-friendly. This may take a few hours.

The exact Voting Process will be communicated to you before 3PM today

Ashok Sharma
Returning Officer
FCC South Asia Elections 2021-23.
March 21, 2021